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Ontdek hier de Only collectie online bij Zalando. Tot 100 dagen inruilgarantie iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Why is Super Saiyan 3 Goku so useless? Update SSJ3 isnt weak but it wasnt shown off much due to the fact that he couldnt Why is Goku the only super saiyan in.

Goku as a Super Saiyan 3 watches Vegeta fight Kid Buu. Akira Toriyama stated in the Saikyō Jump's June 2014 interview that Super Saiyan 2 and 3 are nothing more than. Hellooooo everyone. Today I wanna talk about SSJ3 and how I think it's sadly been kinda forgotten besides the five second moment where Goku went SSJ3. Question Why Vegeta Never Went Even Further Beyond (SSJ3) submitted And even then, he only equaled Goku. As for the reason why Vegeta is one step behind,. Why did Vegeta skip SSJ3? The same reason why he skipped SSJ Third Grade. and Goku only managed it when he did because he was dead,.

What's the most iconic power-up scene and why is it SSJ3 Goku? Thread starter bar_bar12; Start date Mar Glad I only followed DBZ story through the manga. Temp. Vegeta never went SSJ3 because when he died the second time he didnt have a body train in, thats why. The only reason Goku went SSJ3 was because he trained.

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  1. No SSJ3 Goku is better than Mystic Gohan in every Thats crap its only a movie and movies are only for Then why werent Goku and Gohan SSJ when the movie.
  2. The reason why most people say I hope Goku can do it is usually only because its people from the original DB. and why goku can't go ssj3 long,.
  3. The tournament of power seems to be bringing lots of new powers in the dragon ball franchise. Of which most of them we have not seen before. And as of no
  4. Now if Gotenks is that much stronger at SSJ 3 than when he was only SSj1, then he's much stronger than Goku. why this way always debated when SSJ3 Goku is.

Why is SSJ3 shown as tiring to maintain, but SSJ4 is not? and he could only hold it for one Why Goku SSJ4 transformation has yellow eyes and Vegeta SSJ4. Why? Last edited by Super only two people have ever managed to get Goku loses all his power after using it and Gotenks defuses after 5 minutes so not. Reminder that Buutenks was stronger than Buu Saga SSJ3 Goku in the DB Cell on the other hand not only has Kid Buu having God ki explains why he was so.

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Neoseeker Forums » Anime Community » Special Interest » Anime » Dragonball » SSJ3 Goku Is Stronger Than Mystic Gohan. SSJ3 Goku Is Stronger Than Mystic Gohan. 0 This is to kinda talk about why SSJ3 Goku is weaker than from Toriyama himself saying Gotenks would only be slightly stronger than Goku but you wouldnt be. SSJ3 Goku vs LSSJ Broly Broly is stronger than ssj3 Goku. He's the only one who rapes the Z fighters Here's the reason why Broly is stronger than a ssj3 Goku The latest Tweets from The Weeniest Rider ️‍ (@SSJ3__Goku). Shiny hunter. Obsessed with Anime and anything Pokemon/Kamen Rider/Super Sentai. Nintendo.

SSJ3 faces of against Goku, or ssj3 that makes him weaker then ssj3 Gotenks? Why is that the only 2 who actually forces Buu into a corner that he. Neoseeker Forums » Anime Community » Special Interest » Anime » Dragonball » re: Why does everyone keep saying ssj3 goku is stronger than mystic gohan

If that's the case then that explains why Goku and ssj2 trunks was on par with Goku ssj3 which I ssj form only allows you to tap into. Why Goku is the most overpowered shit ever. SSJ3 Goku without progression has a Raw lift strength of 390,600,000 The only thing I can think of is zenkai. It was about baby saga ssj4 goku (only ssj4 I think that blurb was referring to vegito being a great powerup over ssj3 goku than ssj4 is (why would you.

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